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Every church banner is available in a vertical or horizontal layout. Each banner design can be customized or purchased in any of our standard sizes for the price listed below. Add your own custom text to any design for free! (get started here!)

Call us today for more information and pricing on custom sizes. Prices on the product page reflect our retail pricing, please take the discounted specials running at various times off the banner price listed below. Prices will be discounted in your shopping cart and can be viewed at any time prior to order.


price for banner sizes



Custom Indoor Banner Displays


24x42 Custom Table Top Banner 

starting @ $79



2x6 Custom Rizor Banner 

starting @ $98


Rollup Banner Display for Church

Custom D2 Rollup Banners

starting @ $159



Custom Backdrop Banners


8x8 Custom Backdrop Banner

starting @ $349 



8x10 Custom Backdrop Banner

starting @ $399



Custom Outdoor Banner & Sign Displays


Light Pole Banners

starting @ $59



24x36 Sandwich Sign

starting @ $99



13ft Feather Banners

starting @ $169





Which banner material should I choose for my church?

Fabric vs Vinyl

A question we always ask our customers is..."where are you going to display your church banner?" 

If the answer is inside we generally will recommend fabric unless it's going to be for a very short term use and only for that particular occasion. If it's a seasonal use banner and you would hang the banners the next season, we would suggest the fabric. For most sanctuary or welcome center displays we highly recommend the fabric. Every where else inside the church, we see both materials being used.

If the banner is going outside on your parking lot poles or out by the roadside, you must use the vinyl banner material. Our fabric banners are only good for interior use. Below is a breakdown of both materials. 

Fabric Banners

  • Fabric is 100% Polyester coated for a quality print and a straight hang.
  • Fabric does not curl and hangs nice and straight. 
  • Fabric is for interior use only and comes single sided.
  • Fabric is the best option for our Banner Collage series. 
  • Print quality on the fabric is elegant and has a luster finished look. It is not a shiny finish. Inks on the fabric soak into the material just a bit compared to the vinyl. 
  • Our fabric is stiff like a heavy starched men's dress shirt, and not soft like a cotton or silk tshirt or flag. 

 Matte Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl is a pvc, 13oz matte banner material. The matte finish keeps the glare low for indoor use.
  • Vinyl is great for outdoors and is "ok" for indoor use, but we prefer the fabric option when using for inside.
  • Vinyl curls along the vertical upright edges and curls out towards the audience. 
  • Vinyl is not a great option for our Banner Collage series, but we understand budgets and know it's a much better price option when buying in quantities.
  • Print quality on vinyl is brighter than the fabric and for the Stained Glass series the vinyl actually looks better than the fabric. The downside to the vinyl stained glass series is the edges curl, where as the fabric edges do not curl at all.


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